We offer Usui Reiki Training to all levels  

Your choice of tutor is important, the closer to the originator, Dr Usui, the better in that there is less likelihood of the original teachings having become diluted/corrupted by repeated teaching over time. Each tutor may add/change the text to their view and could lead to a Chinese whispers scenario where the message is just not the same as the original.

We are only 5 generations away from Dr Usui and therefore our teachings are as pure as possible.


Any one regardless of education, gender, race, sexual orientation etc etc can become a Reiki practitioner, the only prerequisite is loving intention, an open heart/mind and a desire to help yourself and others.

Training is conversational/instructive/practical and does not involve a traditional examination to achieve certification.

Reiki is not a religion, in simple terms it is an understanding that we are surrounded by a Universal energy that we can tap into at any time for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Reiki / Universal energy enters and then flows through the practitioners body much like a hollow straw and exits via hands ( and other areas) into the recipient to help restore  energetic balance and therefore promote well being.

Please note that Reiki is not acknowledged as a cure for any illness, however, there are many reports of startling recoveries and improvements in health being made after        receiving a Reiki treatment.


Training can take place one one to one basis or in small groups of up to 4 people and consists of one day tuition and a half day follow up ( usually 3 weeks afterwards). Certificates are issued at the end of the first day

LEVEL ONE    At this level you are attuned to receive Reiki / Universal energy and will be suitably trained to treat yourself or relatives/close friends/animals.

LEVEL TWO   At this level you will receive a number of Reiki symbols to enhance your practice and will be able obtain insurance should you wish to charge clients for their treatments. We recommend suitable experience is gained before charging clients

LEVEL THREE / MASTER LEVEL   We teach these levels at the same time and upon completion with suitable experience you will be able to teach and attune students to receive Reiki/Universal energy.


The cost of Reiki training traditionally can be prohibitive to many people regardless of income and we consider that making tuition affordable is more important than profit, thereby expanding the Reiki community and all the goodness that it promotes.

For this reason we have condensed each level into one day tuition and one half day follow up and our fees are reduced accordingly – SEE BELOW.  Most traditional Reiki training courses are run over 2/3 days and are costed on avg £200 / level to reflect the tutor’s time.

How do we condense the course? We email Reiki training manuals * to students before the course date to familiarise themselves with the text and this can then reduce explanation time on the learning day to allow maximum time for practical sessions.

In our opinion Reiki is learnt by doing it in preference to reading about it

A very friendly, enjoyable day 10.00am – 4.00 pm

LEVEL ONE – £125

LEVEL TWO – £125


All days include a practical exercise, all documentation, achievement certificate and short follow up session usually 3 weeks after being attuned.

Lunch and refreshments are provided.

  • Manuals author is Jacqui Mexson – a well known and respected Reiki Master Teacher and immediate upper lineage to Ralph Brown

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