Didgeridoo Meditation


Don’t worry you don’t have to climb a mountain.

The sound of a Didgeridoo is both healing and entertaining but we go one better and provide a Didgeridoo meditation/journey with TWO.         Stereo didges ?

This can take place in our Meditation space on a one to one Didgeridoo bathing or collectively for small groups ( up to 6 people)

For larger groups we are happy to travel to your location and from time to time we stage something a little more involved including Drums, Native American Flute, Harmonium, Singing Bowls, Rain sticks etc etc.

To hear an example of one our larger gigs please go to the EVENTS page

CD available for £10.99 inc postage

Recorded live at Beoley Worcs   55 mins

BUY IT NOW £ 10.99

For more details call us on 01527 454611 or email via this link